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Gun Life

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The second project in the Apple AppStore from O´Reilly Apps - This app is for customers to look up their weapons’ serial numbers, find out which year it was made, how many where produced and the possible gun proof marks. H&H (Holland & Holland), Purdey, Churchill, Westley Richards, Webley & Scott, Boss, and many more...

New swift code being redeveloped at this time - relaunch soon


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Gun Life

Search: " gunlife " in the App Store search bar <= To the left.

When was your weapon made? Using the Gun Life App, select your weapon manufacturer from H&H (Holland & Holland), Purdey, Westley Richards, Boss, Churchill, W C & Scott, Lancaster, Rigby, WW Greener, Grant, and Dicksons. (Note: We will be adding more gun manufacturers with no additional costs.) Next, enter in your serial number and press the "Find" button - the App searchs the database and displays it on screen. You will see your serial number, number of weapons produced, some extra info and an image of the Proof House marks.

In the H&H (Holland & Holland) there is a UIPickerView (where you can slide and pick a type of weapon), as the serial numbers are organised for that type of weapon.

Impress your friends and look up their weapons, as you can look up as many serial numbers as you like and all the Data is on the Apple device, so no Wi-Fi / 3G/4G signal is required. Great if you are buying a vintage gun and no phone signal, the app works to provide you with a true history of this weapon gun proof marks.

Notes about the sector:

My background was in Engineering ( Qualified as Gun Smith - [ in the 80’s ] ) together with my Computer Skills ranging from C#, Java, JavaScript, & HTML / CSS the progress to Objective-C has been the next step. I enjoy shooting and this is my favourite app, very pleased with it. Optimised for iOS6, and currently working on the iOS7 version and additional Gun Manufacturers.

Technical Bits

  • Objective-C code.
  • Native iPhone application.
  • Works on the iPad - as an iPhone App (has the x2 zoom).
  • iOS 5 built and compatible up to iOS 6.1 (iOS 5 is on early iPhone 3GS and iPad 1).
  • Version 1.0.6 will be a Universal App, so when you upgrade your App will be also be iPad native.