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Flood Plan

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During the mass floods of 2014, there was a need for a flood planning app - where you can add details of important instructions and contacts. Using data technology that a user can change. The app is also FREE for a user and currently looking for a main sponsor(s).

New swift code being redeveloped at this time - relaunch soon

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Flood Plan

You land straight away on the utilities provider list, when you open the App up, and you can add more details into the text area supplied - remember to save the data so the next time you open the app, the data has updated it to that information. Adding in other features and will update the app each quarter or from any user feedback.

Available on the App Store very soon.

Notes about this App:

Add Gas, Water and Elecectric cut off points.

Technical Bits

  • Objective-C code.
  • Native iPhone application.
  • iPhone App - Works on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini & iPod Touch.
  • iOS 7 Optimised and Compatible.