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Dragon Boat Race

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Dragon Boat Race App is a catalogue and sponsorship listing – it is all about a guide to the celebration of Duanwu Festival known in the West as the Dragon Boat Festival or Double Fifth. The festival occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the┬álunisolar Chinese calendar.

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Dragon Boat Race

From the App you can check your sponsorship, pay the charity directly via iPhone / iPad account, in-app-purchase from your account. View the race-day points, who won, and itinerary for the event.

More about the Festival Day for the Birmingham Chinatown Lions at the Edgbaston Reservoir - website - coming soon... There will also be a magazine produced - so can also add the adverts to the App as an eBook.

Launch date is in May 2018 for the Download...

Creating a well built Universal App. And giving back to the charity, creating a large database of visitors to the event for pushing advertising and event info for the following one in 2017.

Technical Bits

  • Not-For-Profit App.
  • Objective-C code.
  • Native iPhone application.
  • Native iPad application.
  • Universal App - iPhone & iPad - works on both.
  • In App Purchases.