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The first project for O’Reilly Apps - a Concrete Calculator that measures the trench dimensions to calculate the Cubic Metres of Concrete to use. Also calculates the number of wheelbarrows in litres to move from delivery point to the pouring point. Increase the depth for more cubic metres of poured concrete.

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Concrete - Calculator

Calculator for Concrete Pouring. Measure the trench, foundations or slab area for concrete cure (Width x Length x Depth). The app will calculate the amount of required concrete in Cubic Metres and also the required amount of wheelbarrows journeys you will need to make to fill this concrete area. You will need to add the capacity in litres of your wheelbarrow for an accurate measuement (average wheelbarrow is 110 litres).

Available on the App Store - use the link above or search for "Concrete" for iPhone on the App Store.

Notes about the sector:

There are a few, but none that calculates the volume of concrete to the capacity of wheelbarrow for transport of delivery point to pouring point.

Technical Bits

  • Objective-C code.
  • Native iPhone application.
  • iPhone App - Works on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini & iPod Touch.
  • iOS 6.1 Compatible.